The Father Of Flamenco In The Midwest

Michael Hauser is one of a handful of flamenco guitar masters residing in the United States today. Having left a successful career as a forester in West Africa, Mr. Hauser traveled to Spain where he began a liflong love affair with the intrinsically spanish folk art...flamenco. Michael Hauser has studied with a number of Spain's great flamenco guitarists including Luis Maravilla, Nino Ricardo, Justo de Badajoz , and Juan Maya "Marote". He has also studied classical guitar with Andres Segovia's classicl guitar protege Jesus Silva. Michael Hauser has performed in Europe and the Far East, and has been first guitarist with a number of Spanish dance companies. He is a founder of the well-known flamenco dance company, the Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theater, and served as musical director and first guitarist for a number of years. Mr. Hauser is currently active conducting workshops in schools throughout the Twin Cities, and has been a part of Compas, and Young Audiences as well as the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra's outreach
program. He is also involved in a program known as "Distant Learning", sponsored by the Cowles Center for Dance and the Shubert Club featuring Spanish dancer Susana di Palma and Hauser whereby they reach school age audiences located in remote parts of the Midwest via a live feed, teaching and interacting with the students. Michael Hauser has received a number of State Arts Board grants for the purpose of introducing flamenco through performances and workshops in communities, schools and penal institutions throughout the state. He was recently honored for his many years of teaching at Macalester College in St. Paul, and was given a special honor by the Twin Cities Musicians Union recognizing him for his contribution to increasing awareness of Spanish music in the Twin Cities Area. Not long ago, he was commissioned to create a CD titled Flamenco 2000" for the world music sections in many of the leading stores throughout the country. He currently remains busy both teaching and performing.






A Touch Of Spain

-Available for corporate events and private parties as well as university, community concerts, festivals, and fairs.-

"A Touch of Spain" is an exciting new music and dance ensemble dedicated to presenting the art of flamenco in its most authentic form and “Nuevo Flamenco” which incorporates flute, sax, bass, percussion and guitar.
This dynamic group features flamenco guitar virtuoso Michael Hauser, guitarist Ben Abrahamson, as well as flutist and veteran jazz artist Chuck Armstrong. Flamenco dancer Laura Horn and other guest performers complement the music with fiery and beautiful movement, lightening-fast footwork, and colorful turns.


Michael is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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